Art Therapy in Museums

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Taking part in a creative activity is calming and therapeutic. Research in neuroscience proves that such activity lowers cortisol levels and promotes mindfulness as well as keeping our minds healthy by firing neurons engaging both left and right sides of the brain.  .

Being part of a wider community project with a shared goal increases resilience and enhances self-esteem as reinforced by Richard Settersten: “The story of me is the story of We is the story of me” Settersten jr. Richard A. “Relationships in Time and the Life Course; the Significance of Linked lives”. Research in Human Development. Routledge, 2015

Engagement in art and art Community Exhibitions :A study by DR Piroska Ostlin From The World Health Organisation shows that visits to art museums is “good for mental and physical health”. .

Taking part in workshops and participation in art installations

Recent studies by Stephen Legari in Montreal has led to the Canadian government prescribing museum visits and workshops on prescription.